Crazy inventions of Japanese scientists

Date : 02 January  2014 Per┼čembe - 14:51, Category : SCIENCE

Crazy inventions of Japanese scientists

Crazy inventions of Japanese scientists

Japanese engineers with sound waves agents were able to fly in the air gap.

Scientists at the University of Tokyo for a while working on sound waves. Fan the objectives before an item is then able to move around left, right and ensure that their ...

Japanese scientists succeeded in the first place was. When the agents with sufficient energy sound waves can move easily.

However, sound waves can not be used in this way for the first time. A group of scientists previously had made it with sound waves, but this method could only move a particle in a given axis. If scientists in Tokyo this method a step further by moving up and down as well as left and right to move material allows. For this, the sound wave is not needed in any other power.

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