Dell's 4K solubility screen come in view!

Date : 02 December  2013 Pazartesi - 20:25, Category : TECHNOLOGY

Dell's 4K solubility screen come in view!

Dell's 4K solubility screen come in view!

4K or in other words Ultra-HD technology in TV platform, while still getting , Pnasonic managed to move to the resolution level tablet ecosystem .

4K resolution where consumers in other platform is a monitors.

During the course of the day Dell UtraSharp official site over 24 name the 24-inch screen size, with a 3480 x 2160 pixel screen resolution 4K-resolution monitor that incorporates technical details he has been seen.

Professional users target area high resolution monitor in addition to IPS technology 178° vertical / 178° horizontal perspective is provided.

350 nits brightness and 2:1 am monitor with a dynamic contrast ratio 8ms response time is indicated as.

24 monitor UtraSharp exit date and price information is not disclosed yet.

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