Samsung Galaxy Hit Exposed

Date : 30 December  2013 Pazartesi - 14:19, Category : BUSINESS

Samsung Galaxy Hit Exposed

Samsung Galaxy Hit Exposed

Mobile padfone new member of the world to the other brands began to bounce. Samsung Electronics as a competitor to the ASUS Padfone received a new patent. Details in our news.

Tablet computers, smart phones and in tabletfo after the glut of padfone alışlanlık is happening now. ASUS ‘innovative design after reaching our newsroom Samsung patent a new product of famous technology companies that pursue clearly shows.

First briefly padfone Let’s talk about. ASUS pioneered this new device, tablet computers and smart phones from the combination emerges. Tabletfon Unlike the PadFone on your smartphone just like a deck seats as the tablet screen by plugging it into operation lets.

This design is both smart phones and tablet computers to surpass your individual budget allocation. Tabletfon performance than both having a system that would be. Today, smart phones now have a very powerful hardware. Padfone, who extended their movements and improve the functions of a system.

Samsung’s new patent indication that this market is thrown. As is apparent from the design license padfone popular Samsung will make next year we will introduce a product. ASUS and Samsung products in this market now will lead to the end user. As you’ll see in our visual design as Samsung’s new PadFone name of the product, the Galaxy can be had.

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