WiFi 's data-free risks for terrorists and criminals

Date : 24 November   2013 Pazar - 19:09, Category : TECHNOLOGY

WiFi 's data-free risks for terrorists and criminals

WiFi 's data-free risks for terrorists and criminals

There are untold stories about how terrorists and ne'er-do-wells use technology to further their heinous ends.

Whether it’s money laundering by using Bitcoin or mobile payments systems, setting up Gmail accounts by sharing passwords and saving unsent emails in drafts or even leaving secret messages in games such as Minecraft, there are manifold areas in which these so-called people can operate.

There are many other well known realities and myths, but what is less familiar is how Wifi hotspots are used as a way for baddies to communicate. The UK government, however, is aware of this and there are legal requirements that suppliers of WiFi hotspots need to comply with.

Venues that provide WiFi are responsible for this under the Data Protection act, European Directive for Data Retention Regulations 2009, the Code of Practice (Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001), Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and Digital Economy Act 2010.
When somebody supplies a WiFi hotspot, these legal requirements must be complied with, such as holding data and logging all URLs visited. Moreover, another potential problem for suppliers is that of content filtering, which allows venues to block certain content – such as porn and illegal content. Legal content such as porn and high class escort agencies, with high class female escorts are also blocked. Even dating sites maybe blocked.

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