Potato Power Could Light the World But How??

Date : 25 November   2013 Pazartesi - 09:58, Category : TECHNOLOGY

Potato Power Could Light the World But How??

Potato Power Could Light the World But How??

Itis a simple trick . How can a patato ligth homes?

Mashed, boiled, baked or fried?

You probably have a choice for your potatoes.

Haim Rabinowitch likes his spuds “hacked”. They’ve also study out a simple but ingenious trick to make potatoes particularly good at producing energy.

Rabinowitch says  “A single potato can power enough LED lamps for a room for 40 days , who is based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The idea may seem silly , yet it is rooted in sound science. Still, Rabinowitch and his team have discovered that actually launching potato power in the real world is much more complex than it first appears.

They found that by simply boiling the potatoes for eight minutes, it broke down the organic tissues inside the potatoes, reducing resistance and allowing for freer movement of electrons– thus producing more energy. They also increased the energy output by slicing the potato into four or five pieces, each sandwiched by a copper and zinc plate, to make a series. “We found we could improve the output 10 times, which made it interesting economically, because the cost of energy drops down,” says Goldberg.

“It’s low voltage energy,” says Rabinowitch, “but enough to construct a battery that could charge mobile phones or laptops in places where there is no grid, no power connection.”

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